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Stone Resin Shower tray

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Stone Resin Shower tray

all our stone resin shower trays, stone & acrylic shower trays and ABS acrylic resin shower trays is a quality addition to any bathroom. These trays comprise a mixture of natural materials mixed with a resin material, such as acrylic, which is both durable and strong, as well as providing a solid base for your shower enclosure, wet room or walk-in shower. Many of our stone resin shower trays are also stain resistant, while some also offer extra safety with a non-slip or slip resistant coating.

Our range features stone resin shower trays of all designs and sizes including rectangular, square, quadrant and offset quadrant with both low profile and deeper shower trays available. These popular trays also have the benefit of coming in a variety of finishes and colours, whether you're looking for something plain or an authentic stone or slate appearance.

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